Nespresso over ice

We love Australians for their laid-back way of life that makes it feel like summer all year round. That’s why we’ve taken inspiration from their Flat White and Long Black to craft two new recipes that are ideal for chilling and enjoying over ice.

Long Black Over Ice

With fresh, fruity aromas and a full-bodied blend, you can enjoy surprise in every sip. A lighter roast keeps these vibrant aromas intact. Why not try the recipe? You can chill out with this coffee served up over sparkling water and ice.

Flat White Over Ice

A blend of darker roasted coffees with bold spice notes. The rounded cereal and roasty note punches through the sweetness of milk and strikes a perfect balance in taste. Try the Flat White Over Ice recipe, it has a smooth, creamy texture and its rich aromatics glow like the coastal Australian sun.

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