Touchwood Enterprise

Touchwood Enterprise offers business start-ups the opportunity to showcase their products or services in a busy retail setting at a reduced risk.

The scheme launched in 2014 has hosted over 20 fledgling businesses, ranging from jewellery, candles and cosmetics to confectionary and clothing.

We provide retailers with a purpose built 3.5m x 1.5m kiosk to merchandise their products at a reduced rate of £375 + VAT per week (Mon to Sun).

The kiosk is situated in the busy Mill Lane Arcade and includes power supply, lighting and storage. It’s a great opportunity to test the market in a commercial setting, build customer relationships and of course make a profit.

Businesses can apply to use the Touchwood Enterprise unit for up to two weeks.

To find out more, please email

Brewin Books:

"As a small independent publisher Brewin Books has found working with Touchwood an incredibly positive experience. With the majority of our business currently conducted B2B the kiosk gives us the rare opportunity to connect directly with our customer base. Not only does this benefit us by way of extra sales, at full retail price, but it also enables us to get customer feedback about our products. This information can be extremely useful especially when deciding upon future titles within our range. Working in a safe and warm environment it also gives us the opportunity to extend our customer base by way of significant impulse sales and increased brand awareness. We would wholeheartedly recommend Touchwood kiosk to other businesses considering participating"

Alison Harris, Director of Hampton Candles:

“The Touchwood Enterprise scheme was a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of our products and brand to Touchwood guests, whilst also giving us the chance to gain valuable customer insights. Without this we would never have been able to afford to launch our products into retail and therefore would never have been able to gauge how popular our products are. It is commendable that such a large commercial operation is so approachable and helpful to the local small businesses in the area. Thank you Touchwood!”


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